Here Are Some Tips For Your New Driveway:

Allow a few weeks and some rain between the final grading and compaction of gravel base for the driveway and the time of paving. This will allow for even greater compaction and density of the base.

Remain off the driveway for 3 to 7 days after paving. The hotter the weather is after paving, the longer you should stay off of the driveway.

Do not park heavy objects such as boats or RV’s in one place for a long period of time on the driveway as this can cause depressions in the asphalt from the tires. If it is necessary to park a heavy object on the driveway, place a 2’x2’ – ¾ piece of plywood under each tire to help distribute the weight.

Do not put a kick stand of a motorcycle directly on the asphalt as this may cause a depression in the asphalt. A small piece of plywood will be sufficient to distribute the weight. This is also true for patio furniture that has pointed legs.

When turning around in the driveway, try not to sit in one spot and turn the front wheels. This will cause an unsightly blemish in the asphalt. Instead, turn the front wheels while the vehicles in motion to prevent scuffing.

Try not to drive off of the edges of the driveway. The weight of the vehicle can cause the edge of the driveway to crack or “roll” which becomes unsightly.

Do not steal coat the driveway until the end of the second year after installation.

If your snow blower has tire chains, be careful not to spin the tires excessively as this can cause scratches and blemishes in the asphalt that will be apparent in the spring.

Keep heavy vehicles such as UPS trucks and oil delivery trucks off of the driveway as much as possible. This is especially true during the Spring months when the ground is saturated and soft.

Do not allow petroleum products such as oil or gas to leak or spill on the driveway as they will deteriorate the asphalt in the area of the spill.

You should put new topsoil and grass seed along the new driveway edges to prevent erosion of the gravel underneath and provide support if someone drives off the side of the driveway.