Be comfortable in knowing that Progressive Paving & Construction is fully equipped to provide you with a variety of services to manage both large and small projects. We have a lot of experience working for municipalities, corporations and private instutions.

We offer a variety of services for both residential and commercial asphalt paving:

  • Driveways
  • Curbing
  • Parking lots
  • Armor Coating
  • Private and Municipal roadways
  • Patching and repairs
  • Sidewalks
  • Drainage
  • Aprons
  • Grading

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Full Gravel Base Replacement & Paving

The most important part of any paving project is having the proper base. This procedure for this type of paving project includes excavation of the existing driveway and sub-base material to a minimum depth of 12”, installation of stabilization fabric if required, installing an 8” thick layer of a gravel that contains stone 3 inches and under in size, compacting the layer of gravel, installing a 4” thick layer of gravel that contains stone 1 ¼” in size and compacting the layer of gravel. The entire work area is then fine graded to provide proper pitch and water flow and compacted one final time. At this point in the project, it is best to allow a couple of weeks for the base to settle and sit through a few rain storms before paving. Once this has occurred, the paving can be completed. Although this is the most expensive option for a paving project, it will provide the best long term results and carries the best warranty we offer.

Grading Existing Gravel Base & Paving

Many home owners are faced with the hassle and annual maintenance of a gravel driveway. Also, new construction of a home or commercial building will generally have the base gravel installed by the site contractor that is not the paving contractor. The procedure for this type of paving project entails adding gravel if necessary and fine grading the site so that the new pavement will be a the proper elevation and graded so that the surface water flows where it is supposed to such as away from garage doors and towards catch basins or swales that are designed to dispose of the water properly. The problem with paving a project with an existing gravel base is that we have no control over how the base was installed. Is the layer of gravel thick enough? Was all of the unsuitable sub-base material such as topsoil, clay, large rocks, and building debris properly excavated before the gravel was installed? Was a high quality base material installed? Most times, we do not know the answers to these questions unless we dig a series of test holes in the driveway. Rarely do we see a proper gravel base that has been maintained over the years or recently installed, and since the proper gravel base is the most important part of any paving project, it is imperative that the integrity of the gravel base is known prior to paving so that problems or premature failure of the asphalt does not occur. This option for a paving project carries a one year warranty.

Overlay Existing Driveway Pavement

Overlaying your existing paved driveway or parking lot is a lower cost solution to a paving project. Overlaying can be an effective solution as long as the existing pavement has not deteriorated beyond a level at which it should be overlayed. The procedure for this type of paving project is to edge the driveway to eliminate encroaching weeds, grass, and debris, clean, sweep, and remove any debris such as sand, apply tack coat if required, pave a leveling course to fill all ruts, holes, and deflections, and then pave a finish course 2” thick to provide a fresh layer of asphalt. The draw back with overlaying is that the fresh pavement will be paved over whatever problems existed with the original driveway that caused it to fail. Cracking, settling, and premature failure of an overlay is possible even when all best efforts are made to insure the best possible end result. This option for a paving project carries a one year warranty.

Oil & Stone Driveways

Oil and stone driveways provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your driveway. The procedure involves either adhering a single layer of stone to an asphalt paved surface using an asphalt emulsion or multiple layers of stone and asphalt emulsion over a gravel surface to create the driveway. Although oil & stone driveways look much nicer than a traditional asphalt driveway, they are susceptible to the stone being dislodged by plowing and require some maintenance to keep the layer of stone clean of debris and spread evenly on the driveway. There is always some loose stone on the surface of an oil & stone driveway. If your driveway is heavily traveled or you do not want any added maintenance, an oil & stone driveway might not be the best option.

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